Vinemont Middle Commercials

One of our Eighth grade English classes has been helping Ms. Redding with a project. The students were asked to create a video to promote Vinemont Middle. In the upcoming weeks, we are going to be highlighting their videos. Mr. Arbet & Ms. Redding just answered their questions and guided the students through the process but EVERYTHING has been brainstormed, researched, written, filmed, and edited by these students!!

Group 1:
Created by: Brinley Pair, Marley Lamon Will Conquest, Ryne Dalton & Preston Lee.

Group 2:
Created by: Jadyn Knott, Bryson Bush, Emily Lemus, Owen Rust, Natalie Foell, & Katie Holmes.

Group 3:
Created by: Emma Ray, E.J. Sharpe, Alex Castillo-Huerta, Emma Baker & Abby Lee.

Group 4:
Created by: Josh Rhodes, Callie Briggs, Alaina Sandlin, Sam Marsh & Larson Heaton.